Thursday, December 26, 2019

End Of The Year

Here is what I was able to achieve in 2019. No, I didn't complete all my goals, but that was never the purpose of this list. Writers always want to do and achieve more than what is possible.

But I did want to keep track of all the things I did achieve, so I could look back and see that I did work hard, even if it didn't feel like it and that I did do lots of things.

I'm going to do this list again this upcoming year and if you want to see what my goals are and what I've achieved through out the year, I'll be keeping track all year long in a little box to the right of this post.



2/10 Books Published
0/2 Choose Your Own Romance Stories Completed
0/2 Wattpad Stories Completed
91/100 Hubpage Articles Written


1/3 Melissa Storm Classes Completed
100%/100% Rabid Fan Base Course Completed
100%/100% Rebecca Hamilton's PMC Completed
6/6 Facebook Courses Completed


18/35 Books Read


1/1 Start An ARC Team
0/1 Radish Submissions
2/4 Large Site Updates
1/2 Computer Organizations

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