Tuesday, December 11, 2018

#Ritetoreign How I Came Up With My Story

You may or may not know this, but today is release day for the boxed set I am in, Rite To Reign!

It's available on almost all retailers and you can get a copy by going here: http://books2read.com/ritetoreign

My story, in the boxed set, is called "Aphrodite's Gift." I wrote it because I wanted to try something different. I've written about witches before, but I'm usually drawn to writing about witches who practice necromancy.

I like to write dark stories and a lot of my stories involve death, which is how I came up with my e-mail address and the URL for this blog. (ebblack was already taken, so I couldn't use that!)

I wanted to write about something else other than a necromancer, demon, or a zombie, so I chose to write about a character who practices love magic. I wanted it to be a romance story anyway and I thought it would be fitting, but I immediately ran into a snag repeatedly as I tried to write it.

You see, I was trying to compromise my voice, trying to write in the way I've seen other authors write who are more light hearted in their works and silly, but it wasn't me. Everything I kept writing came out awkward and wrong.

But then I thought about it for awhile and really everyone has a dark side. Queen Milena's dark side is that she got these powers from Aphrodite and in the true spirit of greek mythology, no gift from a god comes without a curse. It's better to not be noticed by the gods at all.

And her curse is that even though she's the goddess of love, she can't love or get close to anyone because anyone who gets close to her dies.

That's how I put my own twist on it and my own voice.

I hope you buy the boxed set and read my book inside of it! This boxed set has a lot of great stories from all kinds of authors, including some USA Today and NYT Bestselling authors.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

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