Wednesday, December 28, 2016

UPDATE: Get the Whole Series FREE - Bright's Passion & Night's Lust (Now With A New Name For The Series)

UPDATE: Originally this series was called the "God Of Light" series, but I feel like this sounds too much like it's a non-fiction Christian book series, instead of a fantasy series and I thought that calling it "THE LAST OF THE GODS" series would make more sense. I've changed it everywhere, but Amazon will take awhile to update completely. I just want people to know more about the kind of book they will be getting when they purchase my books and I thought this series title will make it clearer.

Are you low on money or just love free books?

Well, recently, my novels "Bright's Passion" and "Night's Lust" have been made permanently free. They are paranormal romance novels about two gods fighting for the love of one witch.

If you are interested in downloading them, go here:

And here::