Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cover Reveal - Warrior Unleashed By Lindsay Avalon

Warrior Unleashed by Lindsay Avalon
Re-releasing September 17 from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Nothings more dangerous than a warrior unleashed....

Lindsay Avalon ~ * ~ Author of paranormal romance
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reading Gems - Origins By Jessica Khoury

Some of you may remember the query letter for this novel being posted on Agent Query Connect and the original title being "Perfectly Pia." It was that intriguing query that originally drew me to the novel and it was worth every penny. I completed the novel in less than two days, sleeping very little while I read it.

It's the story of a girl who lives in the middle of the jungle in a laboratory. She's a science experiment and was born in the lab as the first human to possess immortality. They keep her hidden away. She's not allowed to leave the lab for any reason and she's never wanted to, until she starts uncovering secrets about the scientists she lives with that makes her view them in a completely different way.

There's romance in this novel and obviously lots of science fiction. It delves into the psychology of how humans handle death and what exactly we'd be willing to do to achieve immortality. It discusses morals in a way I found interesting, which is why I couldn't put this book down. The villains in the book are very evil, but at the same time, you can kind of understand why they did what they did. All the characters are so fleshed out that I still feel in my heart as if they are real.

And the ending was so unexpected and so unbelievably perfect at the same time.

I'm glad she was on AQConnect. I'm proud to know she was part of us for awhile. I look up to her as a writer and think she has an excellent gift. I plan to read her next novel as soon as it is released.