Monday, August 19, 2019

"Where True Love Starts The Darkest Hearts"

I made this my new slogan when I got a new logo, but what does it mean?

I loved the TV Show Once Upon A Time. It was all the classic Disney characters come to life in our world, falling in love and being healed by true love's kiss. It was a recurring theme in the television show. You could know if someone was your true love if they kissed you and magic of some kind happened. Sometimes the kiss' magic healed people. Sometimes it broke a curse. Every time it was powerful.

Because love is powerful and I write romance, so obviously I believe in the power of love.

While I do write about fairy tales characters as well sometimes, I also write all kinds of paranormal and scifi stories with my own, original characters. I love writing about necromancers and zombies. A lot of my stories skew very dark, either with the the powers the characters wield or the situation they find themselves in.

My characters all have a darkness to them, but that darkness gets touched by love in my books. And I believe it makes magic. I believe it gives them hope and healing.

"Where True Love Starts The Darkest Hearts"

It's the best way to describe my books.