Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Years Writing Resolutions

I don't remember whether or not I posted it on this blog, but last year, I made some New Years writing resolutions. I met some goals, not others, and wound up changing some of my goals because of events that took place last year.

Here were my goals last year (including how much progress I made):
1. Get to 100 hubs written on hubpages (I made it to 86/100)
2. Write and publish three short stories under another pen name (completed)
3. Finish writing an erotica novella under another pen name and submit it (I got 9/10 done with that)
4. Write the first "Choose Your Own Romance" story for my website and officially launch the website (I completed this as well)
5. Write and finish the first two stories in my zombie apocalypse romance serial (I finished some of the first story)
6. Finish editing Spirit Speaker and release it (I edited it some, but it's nowhere near completed and won't be for awhile)

Here were the goals I added on:
1. Join a boxset (I wound up joining three and having to drop a lot of my other writing goals in order to focus on getting covers and beginning writing the three stories)
2. Write and publish poetry on my website (I believe I wrote and published almost 60 poems on my website)
3. Write two more of the short stories under the other pen name (I got 1 out of 2 completed before Pronoun shut down and I had to take down my stories and slowly figure out how to republish them a new way)
4. Add chapters to my story on Wattpad (I added a couple of those)
5. Get a short story published in a magazine (I wrote four this year and submitted them some places and they were rejected)
6. Launch a website for beginning writers and write the first ten articles for it (Completed)

Now, here are my goals for this year, I am so excited:
1. Finish the three stories for the three boxsets I signed up for (I'm almost done with the first one of the three already!)
2. Get to 100 hubs written on hubpages
3. Join another boxset
4. Finish that last short story I didn't get to
5. Finish editing Spirit Speaker and publish it
6. Finish writing the first two stories for the zombie apocalypse romance serial
7. Write 1-2 more stories for my "Choose Your Own" Romance novel
8. Finish writing an erotica story and submit it.
9. Get one of my short stories accepted somewhere
10. Get a high ranking on one of my books in the overall Amazon ebook story (be it free or paid)
11. Writing five more articles for my beginning writers website
12. Become a hybrid author
13. Increase my writing income significantly

I always give myself more goals than I'll ever achieve, but on the top of my list is the boxsets, which I am willing to abandon everything else for, followed by the zombie apocalypse romance serial, so I think those two stories will be completed this year.

My goals might shift and change, but I am looking forward to learning to write more quickly and achieving more of my goals in the upcoming year!

What are your writing New Years Resolutions?

Monday, December 11, 2017

10 Articles Written!

If you haven't heard of it already, I've started a website with tips and tricks for new writers to help them become better writers, get published, and get the resources they need to become successful authors. Here's the link to my site. As of today, I have ten articles up and I will be adding more when time permits...