Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Six Things About Greek Mythology That You Probably Didn't Know

1. In some versions of the Medusa mythology, she had wings.

2. Perseus didn't ride Pegasus. Bellerophon did. Pegasus was born when Perseus chopped off Medusa's head out of the blood. He rode to chop off Medusa's head wearing winged shoes Hermes gave him.

3. The Titans were gods who ruled during the Golden Age, when humans couldn't die and could tell the future. By comparison, the ages when the Olympians ruled were not as good for humans. Yet the titans are usually portrayed as barbaric.

4. According to greek mythology, most of the world was destroyed by a flood, just like in the Bible. Deucalion built a chest, sometimes called an ark, to be rescued from the flood.

5. Prometheus, the man who was chained to a rock and forced to have his liver ripped from his body over and over again as punishment by Zeus for giving humanity the gift of fire, eventually escapes.

6. Artemis is not the goddess of the moon. Selene is.


brighton said...

Wait, when did Perseus chop off Medusa's head?!

E.B. Black said...

Never happened in my story. Hehe. But that's how the original story goes.

SC Author said...

Wow, I knew that Perseus cut off the head, but I didn't know much else. Thank you! This is awesome.

T.J. said...

Score! I knew it! HAHA! All that research of my own paid off! XD Now, if you'd asked me those questions six months ago? o.O <!~~Me

Jeff Hargett said...

Medusa had wings? I'd never heard this before. Informative post!

E.B. Black said...

@Jeff Hargett: Yea, it's just not common knowledge these days. If you google "Medusa wings" you get a bunch of results talking about how she had wings and what it symbolized. Obviously, not all depictions of her have wings, but after reading about that, I made my version of her in my upcoming book have wings. =)

Ella Gray said...

Cool stuff! I never heard of the Medusa wings either until I got a mythical creatures coloring book and she had them in there. Neat that you'll have it in your story :)

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