Monday, August 19, 2019

"Where True Love Starts The Darkest Hearts"

I made this my new slogan when I got a new logo, but what does it mean?

I loved the TV Show Once Upon A Time. It was all the classic Disney characters come to life in our world, falling in love and being healed by true love's kiss. It was a recurring theme in the television show. You could know if someone was your true love if they kissed you and magic of some kind happened. Sometimes the kiss' magic healed people. Sometimes it broke a curse. Every time it was powerful.

Because love is powerful and I write romance, so obviously I believe in the power of love.

While I do write about fairy tales characters as well sometimes, I also write all kinds of paranormal and scifi stories with my own, original characters. I love writing about necromancers and zombies. A lot of my stories skew very dark, either with the the powers the characters wield or the situation they find themselves in.

My characters all have a darkness to them, but that darkness gets touched by love in my books. And I believe it makes magic. I believe it gives them hope and healing.

"Where True Love Starts The Darkest Hearts"

It's the best way to describe my books.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

New logo

I have a new logo! I really love it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Alice Takes Over My Blog

Hi! It's me, Alice, and I've taken over E.B. Black's blog today. I'm in a story titled "Wonderland's Secret" in a boxed set titled "Captivated." To learn more, please click on the image below...

My story, in it's current form, will only be available for a limited time, so I wanted to share 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy This Book.

10. Wonderland is a big, magical world to explore.

9. But my Wonderland isn't the Wonderland of your childhood. It's an adult version of Wonderland.

8. I fall in love with not one, but two sexy men in my story.

7. I'm a strong woman who knows how to fight.

6. And my two men fight by my side.

5. The Queen of Hearts is strong, but not as strong as our true love for each other.

4. Love always wins in the end.

3. There are other amazing authors in this book.

2. In fact, you get 17 stories in total!

1. And it's all available for only 99 cents!


Scroll up and purchase your copy today!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Get #freebooks For Life!

Do you love reading books and leaving reviews? Then you might be a great candidate to join my ARC Team!

You can sign up one of two ways. Either through Bookprout or by joining my special ARC Mailing List.

I will only be contacting you with information about new ARCs and nothing else.

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Read & Raise Money For Charity At The Same TIme! NEW RELEASE ALERT!  

This is the story of why a teenage girl named Rachel tries to kill herself. Her entire life is changed when she survives her attempt, but she's surprised by the ripple effect it has on the world around her. Sometimes living is harder than dying, but that doesn't mean that being alive isn't worth it.

Friday, January 4, 2019

#Writinggoals for the New Year! #amwriting

New Year and new goals. I didn't meet all my goals for last year and that's okay because I'm always overly ambitious and tend to come up with more things I want to do than what I can keep up with, but I like listing them anyway and updating them on occasion with my accomplishments, so I can feel proud of my progress through out the year.

My goals are likely going to change as the year progresses, but for now, here is what I hope to accomplish this year and where I am  right now regarding each goal. I think I might make a whole widget on the side of my blog to keep track.

-Publish at least 10 books. 0/10 completed. (Some of these may be under other pen names besides E.B. Black.)

-Publish (aside from the 10 other books) at least two choose your own romance stories. 0/2 completed.

-Read at least 50 books. 0/50 completed.

-Finish 2 Wattpad stories. 0/2 completed.

-Write 100 articles on hubpages. Because I deleted several outdated hubpage articles, I am down to 84/100.

-Finish 5 Classes by Melissa Storm in Her Author Engine (Classes Are Already Purchased)

-Finish Russell Nohelty's Build A Rabid Fan Base Course (21% Complete)

-Finish Rebecca Hamilton's Publishing Mastermind Course (I've already purchased it and taken several of the lessons, but there will be hundreds of lessons by the end of it for me to keep up with, so I can't say what percentage I have completed as of right now until all the lessons are up, but it's probably less than 1%!)

What are your writing goals for 2019? Tell me in the comments below!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

#Ritetoreign How I Came Up With My Story

You may or may not know this, but today is release day for the boxed set I am in, Rite To Reign!

It's available on almost all retailers and you can get a copy by going here:

My story, in the boxed set, is called "Aphrodite's Gift." I wrote it because I wanted to try something different. I've written about witches before, but I'm usually drawn to writing about witches who practice necromancy.

I like to write dark stories and a lot of my stories involve death, which is how I came up with my e-mail address and the URL for this blog. (ebblack was already taken, so I couldn't use that!)

I wanted to write about something else other than a necromancer, demon, or a zombie, so I chose to write about a character who practices love magic. I wanted it to be a romance story anyway and I thought it would be fitting, but I immediately ran into a snag repeatedly as I tried to write it.

You see, I was trying to compromise my voice, trying to write in the way I've seen other authors write who are more light hearted in their works and silly, but it wasn't me. Everything I kept writing came out awkward and wrong.

But then I thought about it for awhile and really everyone has a dark side. Queen Milena's dark side is that she got these powers from Aphrodite and in the true spirit of greek mythology, no gift from a god comes without a curse. It's better to not be noticed by the gods at all.

And her curse is that even though she's the goddess of love, she can't love or get close to anyone because anyone who gets close to her dies.

That's how I put my own twist on it and my own voice.

I hope you buy the boxed set and read my book inside of it! This boxed set has a lot of great stories from all kinds of authors, including some USA Today and NYT Bestselling authors.