Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Daydream Attacks

I've been reading many jokes on facebook from authors about how they hear voices in their head, the voices of their characters, and that the only reason they aren't in an insane asylum is because they are in a profession that values this quality.

I don't so much hear voices in my head as have daydream attacks.

For instance, my Mom was talking to me recently about one of her favorite television shows right now, Adventure Time. I'm always teasing her about liking it because my Mom is a goofy person and most of what I've seen of the show is random. She started talking to me about how one of the characters was in a candy land of some sort and how there was a zombie apocalypse during it. She started imitating some of the characters' voices changing as they transformed into zombies.

Instead of responding, I had a daydream attack where I imagined two people falling in love, getting married and vowing that they'd rather die than ever be apart from one another. Then there's a sudden scene change where three years have passed. The world has been thrown into a zombie apocalypse and they are running from a giant horde. There's pain in the husband's side because they've been running for awhile and he holds a gun in his hand. He knows it's the slowest people who die and not the fastest, so he shoots his wife.

I sometimes wonder if there was a zombie apocalypse who would be loyal to their loved ones and who would choose their own life over theirs.

I chuckle as I realize part of this idea was inspired because my brother is always joking about how if there was a zombie apocalypse, he'd want me to tag along with him because I'm slower than he is and I'd be the first to die. I always glare at him when he does that.

Then I blink, realizing time has passed and I haven't listened to a word my mother has said for awhile, but she's still chattering away because my Mom is capable of holding a conversation with herself.

Like I said, I have daydream attacks. I hate it especially when I'm supposed to be paying attention to stuff people are saying and a daydream attack nudges me and I go,"No! Not right now! I'm supposed to be listening!" But it's very persistent and nags me until I give into it. "This is important! You might want to make it into an outline later!"

Sometimes it's inspired by the people surrounding me or things they tell me and other times it just happens when I'm tired. Since I've been a teenager, daydreaming about stories has always been a way I can lull myself to sleep or recharge mentally after a tiring day.

So, do you have daydream attacks or "hear voices" of your characters or both?


SC Author said...

I daydream. And I HATE when I get an awesome idea for dialogue or something, and then I forget it because I talk to someone after that. IT'S HORRIBLE!

E.B. Black said...

@SC Author: I hate that, too. I also hate when I fall asleep thinking about my novels, think up something awesome, and forget what I thought of by the time I wake-up in the morning.

Martin Willoughby said...

I daydream a lot...which can be dangerous when I'm driving.

Chemist Ken said...

Daydreaming is great for story ideas, although too much and people will stop talking to you. Also be sure to write down your ideas as quickly as possible since it's easy to lose daydream ideas if they don't get transferred to your longterm memory quickly enough.

BTW, Adventure Time is an excellent show.

T.J. said...

Both :) Current WIP is a daydream attack that turned into an insistent voice. Others have been insistent voices that turned into movies in my head.

Luckily, I have a look when any of those happen so Filly & Hubby quietly walk away, without getting upset :)

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