Friday, December 30, 2011

Real Life Reminding Me of Fantasy

For some reason, I've been finding these random places in real life that would make a perfect setting for a novel.

For instance, today, we drove past this giant park full of trees. Sounds like nothing special right? Well, you didn't see these trees. Some of them were growing sideways. Several of them had branches that twisted like someone being tortured and screaming. I live in a forest, but I've never seen trees that grew like this. There were 20 ft. long trees that weren't even a foot off the ground because they had grown horizontally. It was like an evil forest. The trees were alive, prickly, and terrifying. Most of their leaves were gone and the branches looked like witch fingers. I wanted to get out of the car and run around like a child.

I also found this abandoned shopping mall once. Don't ask me why, but it reminded me of the chronicles of narnia, where the children went into a "closet", but when they got inside, it was actually a portal to another world. Well, this mall looked like an ordinary shopping mall on the outside, but when you went inside, it looked like a park. There were trees growing all around and teenagers skateboarding while they listened to their ipods. The food court still had its tables and chairs spread out and old men were playing chess with each other. Seriously, I've only seen that kind of thing on television before, not in a real park, but it was happening here. There were also several couples (myself and my boyfriend included) walking around and holding hands. It was amazing. We were indoors, but it felt like we were walking around outside.

Maybe I should go around traveling more. It could really enhance my writing.

1 comment:

Keisha Azzalea said...

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