Friday, December 20, 2013

Fun With Spam

Whenever you post your e-mail address in any manner online (like when you're an author and post it on your website) you receive interesting e-mails from spammers and especially scammers online.

I've already won and inherited millions upon millions of dollars supposedly. And I've been offered business opportunities and told many times that my accounts at banks I'm not a member of have been compromised. Along with my paypal (even though I don't have a paypal account with that e-mail) and other things have supposedly had security problems.

Sometimes I like to just read these letters and laugh hysterically at the poor grammar. I don't usually mock people's poor grammar, but when it's someone who can barely type English and is obviously trying to get personal information from me or money, it's hilarious!

The latest one I got was about how I supposedly purchased three things from some web-site and "If disturb please click here", I think they meant if this was false, I should click there.

They were offering me: "More Different models and Favorable price for your optional."

And "All in One Package, If Have plan let we know please."

I feel like running around and saying to random people "Let we know please."

But of course, maybe all these feelings are just because it snowed a lot where I live and I've been trapped in the house all day.

Another e-mail recently alerted me that I won the lottery (and yet they can't even tell me my own name) and that sharing that e-mail or any of its contents was strictly prohibited and I'd face consequences. I don't think e-mails can be copyright and I'm pretty sure if they weren't doing something fake and wrong, they wouldn't be afraid of me sharing the e-mail with others. I've been tempted to copy/paste the e-mail on here ever since.

Honestly, I just have a ton of fun sometimes, opening e-mails in my junk folder and reading all the bad grammar out loud to my fiance.

What about you? Do you ever laugh at your spam or scam e-mails?

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