Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Disjointed Thoughts

I'm pretty sure that I could write anything in this blog and no one will ever notice. I used to be scared of people noticing. Now I'm scared that they never will.

The apple pie I am eating is delicious.

I wish I understood things from the perspective of agents and authors. Maybe then I would understand why none of them like my story so far. Why do they choose to publish the people they do?

When I went downstairs to warm up my pie, the dog wagged his tail and warmed my heart.

Am I really that awful? Trying to be good enough reminds me of being back in high school and trying to be good enough to be accepted by my peers and all my attempts at it failing.

I also had to take an advil because my face is throbbing, throbbing.

I wish life was a musical and that I could break into a song as good as the ones in Dr. Horrible's sing a long blog. It's one of the few movie(s?) that I'll watch over and over again.

I got interviewed once, guest blogged. I have a twitter and my own blog that I update anyway, but none of it matters in the end so far.

"A maaaaaaaaan's got to do what a maaaaaaaaaaaaaan's got to do."

I have insomnia and I hate it.

I worked two years on my manuscript and rewrote both my synopsis and query a hundred times, but yet again, it doesn't matter.

"It's a brand new day and the sun is high. All the birds are singing that you're gonna die."


Angie Sandro said...

I love Dr. Horrible. Have you watched The Guild. It's equally awesome.

See, people do notice. They may not always comment, but they notice and care. Hope you get a good night's rest:)

E.B. Black said...

I have not watched the guild, but now that you've recommended it to me, I plan on it.

And thank you for the comment. XD

And I did wind up being able to sleep after this post...strangely.

Matthew Drake said...

Definitely watch "The Guild". It is a riot. I am an ex-WoW player, so I love it. Even if you are not a WoW fan, it is hilarious. I went to bed right before you posted this or I would have commented then. I do read your blogs, I am just too busy to comment most of the time. I have 4 blogs that I run and am writing half a dozen books. Wife, three kids, and I am always hungry. Never a free moment, :)

E.B. Black said...

Wow, you have 4 different blogs? I'd like to see your other ones actually.

And I'm actually an ex-WoW player as well.

Keisha Azzalea said...

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