Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Be The Star In A Romance Novel (For Free!)

I've been working on writing "Choose Your Own Romance" novels for the past year. A "Choose Your Own Romance" novel is a story where you're the main character and you get to make all the decisions for the main character in the story.

I decided that I wanted to make money through donations and ad revenue, rather than put these stories up for sale. There are some things that are outdated about selling ebooks. Lots of people are looking for free content and it's possible to have free content AND make money by using ad revenue.

I also prefer putting the "Choose Your Own Romance" stories on a website over putting them in an ebook because the formatting works out better, you can read it using any device you want (kindle, tablet, cellphone, computer), and unfortunately Amazon punishes authors that have links in their books that cause them to skip pages. I didn't want to deal with that.

So if you're interested in reading these kinds of books, then please visit my website here:

The first story just recently went live. Let me know what you think. The more responses and ad revenue I get, the more quickly I will be able to finish future stories.

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