Sunday, January 1, 2017

COVER REVEAL: Asylum By Cherry Shephard and Pandora Tolson

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What if your favourite fairytale characters lived in an insane asylum?

This is not your average story, and you're about to learn that not every fairytale ends with Happily Ever After...

From the dawn of time, humans have been bred to fear.
It is the very fabric of human nature, it keeps us safe. It is what gives our miserable little lives meaning, it is the reason we hold our loved ones close. Fear is a dark shadow. A sneaky, sinister entity that haunts our dreams, and hunts us as though we are it's prey.
Here, inside the walls of this establishment, I am that Shadow. I am your greatest nightmare come to life. I am Doctor Eleanor Naylor.

This is Thornwood Asylum.
Welcome Home.

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