Friday, November 1, 2013

How The Holidays Change

I noticed that the holidays change as you get older.

Halloween when you are younger is about dressing up and getting candy. I guess I could dress-up as an adult and most people do, but I usually don't have anywhere to go, so I don't. Sometimes my fiance and I use this as an excuse to watch a Halloween themed movie and buy ourselves a bit of candy, but Halloween doesn't have the same charm as it used to for me when I was a kid. It might be more fun when I have children and get to watch them experience it, but otherwise it goes by almost unnoticed for me.

Christmas kind of waned for me over the years. As a child, we got lots of presents, but I got older and my family stopped doing much for each other. My fiance has since changed that, so Christmas is more fun. He's very filled with the Christmas spirit and gift giving and it's infectious. But there's still the stress of money spent that you really don't have. I didn't deal with that as a kid.

On the good side of things is Thanksgiving. As a child, I thought it was boring. I had to visit people I didn't want to see and eat food I don't like. Turkey, gravy, rolls, and mashed potatoes have become my favorite foods since then. I enjoy cooking a lot now, so having a holiday surrounding it is a lot of fun to me. And nowadays, it means I can appreciate and spend time with the people I love the most.

Thanksgiving of last year was also the day I officially self-published my first book! So it's a very exciting holiday for me.

And in November, my fiance and I also celebrate the anniversary of when we first started dating.

So I'm excited that it's November!


T.J. said...

I kind of "meh" my way through October, and considering we haven't celebrated Christmas in over a decade ... it's T-Day I love, the one holiday I have both hubby and Filly, we visit my dad and stepmother ... a time for cooking, laughs, and just enjoying each other's company.

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