Sunday, August 4, 2013

Reading Gems - Books I Love and Recommend

I was one of those kids that read books instead of doing their homework. My Mom took away our television most of growing up, so we'd get better grades. I decided to read all the time instead.

That love of reading is probably what led me to love writing when I grew-up as well. I want to get back to those roots by discussing books on my blog. No one wants to read negative reviews, so I'm not going to write them. Instead, I want to start a column where I talk about books I've read and loved-either recently or a long time ago. I want to call this column "Reading Gems." You are free to discuss books you've read and loved as well in the comments.

The first book I want to talk about is one that really inspires me. It's called Fish Eyes By Linda Pohring.

I bought it on a whim. I wanted to read a novel about mermaids. I liked the way the cover looked and the description about how it was different than other kinds of mermaid novels. I wanted to see if this was true.

This novel is indeed very unique and should be selling more copies than it is, which is why I had to talk about it. It's funny and pulls at your heart strings. Zazzle has such a unique take on the world and how humans live their lives. It made me look at my own life in a different way as well.

She's very frightened of humanity and all the things we do. She's so terrified and clueless about what it's like to have legs that she behaves like an animal at first. This leads to many misunderstandings, most of which are humorous.

It's also only three dollars to purchase. It was well worth my money, which is why I plan to buy more books from the same author in the future.

It's books like these that I want to point to and say: "See! Self-published authors can write!"


SC Author said...

I agree, I don't like writing negative reviews. That cover looks awesome, but it's just not my genre to read :( (I know, I'm starting to switch over to realism! AH!)

Anonymous said...

That is such a pretty cover !!! i'll definitely check it out. i think part of the problem with it not selling copies is the genre: the genre for self-pubbers that seems to be consistently selling on amazon is contemporary romance. i've come across VERY few self-pubbed books in the fantasy/sci-fi/anything young adult realm that sell more than 10 copies/day. Maybe this will change in the future, but for now (and it's been like that for a few years - way befre 50 shades hit "shelves") contemporary romance is the only thing that sells enough for its writers to make a living.

E.B. Black said...

Anonymous: I agree with you! I write fantasy/sci fi/paranormal romance and it is very hard to sell! I'd like to start another (third) pen name where I try to write some contemporary novels, but it's really hard for me to do this. Whenever I start writing a contemporary novel, I get bored and throw something magical in it. XD I'm hopeless.

Even though I do have a second pen name, I still write fantasy and sci fi under it. It's just very different from the fantasy and sci fi I write under this pen name. It's an experiment of sorts.

@SC Author: I think a lot of people are making that switch. Even though my first loves will always be speculative fiction, I find myself reading more contemporary stuff than I used to.

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