Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bestselling Themes

I accidentally saw the new Star Trek movie three times. First, my fiance won tickets to a showing and I got to see it with him for free. Then one of my friends who was visiting from out of town wanted to see it, so I went again. Then my Mom wanted to see it, so I went a third time.

I didn't really mind. I love the new Star Trek movie. I am a Trekkie at heart, although my favorite Star Trek is The Next Generation.

Anyway, I noticed certain themes in the movie that are also present in a lot of bestselling novels. They are themes that are very basic and important to most people. I think that touching on at least some of these themes can help a book sell better.


1.) The Need for Romance

When people think of romance they usually think of romantic comedies or paperback romance novels with sexy people on the covers.

The truth is that most stories have some kind of romance weaved into the storyline. It may not be the focus of the story, but it's still often there.

In the new Star Trek movie, it's the romance between Spock and Uhura. The way Uhura fought with Spock in the movie showed how much she cared and won my heart over.

Romantic relationships are a very important part of most people's lives which is why we love to read about them and see them in movies.

2.) The Need for Family

In the beginning of the movie, someone kills a bunch of people in order to save their dying daughter's life. Family is precious. Having characters who put family above all else makes them more endearing. It was horrible to see that person kill so many people just to save his daughter, but it's completely relateable.

And even though Khan is a villain, there's a certain part of him that I sympathize towards because he wants to save the other people who are like him. He views them as his family and puts them above all else.

3.) The Need for Friendship

Kirk and Spock have a deep bromance in the movies, which was what made the scene where Kirk dies that much more difficult for me to watch. Honestly, there were tears pouring down my eyes.

As human beings we need each other. So seeing characters need each other through friendship, family, or romantic relationships, makes them more relateable and can sometimes make their motivations for doing things make more sense.

4.) Self-preservation

It's in our instincts to preserve our own lives. There were several moments in the movie where the characters were fighting to save themselves like when they were attacked by the Klingons.

I also think it's why I love zombie movies and books so much. It takes that need for self-preservation to an even higher degree. What some people will do to save their own lives and how horrible it is to be fighting for your own life on a daily basis. It's compelling.

5.) Heroics

Putting other people before yourself and your own fears-it's something we all admire. There's that need to preserve ourselves, so to see someone ignore that instinct and worry about others more than themselves, is endearing.

I loved watching Kirk through out this whole movie and seeing all the things he risked in order to save the day regularly. It made the scene where he died that much more heart wrenching. He sacrificed himself to save his crew.


So what did you guys think of the movie? Are you a trekkie as well? And do you include any of these themes in any of your stories or like to read about any of these themes in particular?


SC Author said...

Yup, I watched it, and I think you're right, especially about the romance thing. I think we take it for granted just how in almost every movie, there is a romance going on!

Martin Willoughby said...

I haven't seen it yet, so I skipped the spoiler parts, but the themes you see in the film are present in almost all media, even the news.

The heroics of the fire service/soldiers, friendship, romance family, are all there in anything that wants our attention.

T.J. said...

I HAVE to see the movie. I'm a big Trekkie, shoot, the whole family is.

You are right, those elements are throughout movies and good books. Well drawn parallel!

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