Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FREE BOOK - Pandora's Mistake Now Available

Being the only human woman in existence makes Pandora a celebrity. Unfortunately, her fans are a race of males whose lusts endanger her life.

She imprisons herself in a cave and marries a Titan named Epimetheus in order to protect herself. His brute strength and foul temper lead to abuse.

Tired and bruised, she finds the one martyr on Earth: Prometheus. The fire that cooks everyone's food and keeps them warm at night is also the reason a giant raven pecks Prometheus to death every day. He stole the fire from Zeus and his daily death is his punishment.

Pandora falls in love with him, but Prometheus refuses to be with a married woman, even though their kisses cause a heat greater than the fire Prometheus stole from Zeus.

Pandora clutches a jar that Zeus made her promise never to open to her chest. Electricity sizzles through her veins as she discovers the jar holds magical powers. Zeus says opening the jar will lead to the destruction of her and all mankind. The jar tells her that if she opens it, all her dreams will come true. One peek can't hurt, can it?

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