Monday, October 22, 2012

My Dogs Want To Build An Army

No writer is complete without a loyal pet (or two), like I have, so I wanted to talk about my two rottweilers: Izzy and Mika (pronounced Micah.) Here's their picture if you've never seen them before: 

Izzy loves everything that moves, but she's half pitbull (and looks it), so everyone thinks she's vicious. It doesn't help that she has this weird habit of barking at people for attention. She does it all the time to me when I'm reading because how dare I stare at books and not pay attention to her, but then people come over. She sees them and gets overexcited and either tries to bark at them for attention or throw her entire hundred pound body into their laps. And then she gets confused by the fact that they just ran for their lives. I don't blame them, it used to scare me when she did those things when I first got her, too!

She also doesn't understand why people hug one another without having her in the middle. Whenever my boyfriend and I hug, she's always right there, nudging our arms and trying to force herself in.

Mika on the other hand just licks people and not once or twice, but for long periods of time. I had a friend come over once, pet Mika only a little, but Mika in response licked her for an hour. I'm pretty certain from the violated look she had on her face that this was the reason she chose never to come over again.

And my dogs are always trying to adopt other dogs. Who needs children begging for you to keep the stray dog you found when you have two dogs begging you to keep every dog they meet? When we take them for walks, they whimper every time they pass a dog because they want to play with that dog, even when the dog is barking at them viciously.

I go,"Stop it! That dog wants to eat you!" But they don't get it because they think that dog is wonderful and it obviously must reciprocate their feelings. They whimper because we won't stop to let them have fun.

They successfully adopted a stray once, in fact, earlier this year. All of a sudden, when they were howling one day, there was an answering howl right outside our door and this super skinny dog was sitting there, waiting for our dogs to come out. The dog harassed us whenever we left the house and would keep my dogs up and barking all night because it would get lonely. It did this for a week straight. Eventually it had to be taken away.

My dogs were not going to stand for it either. It broke my heart watching them charge at the door and bark because they wanted to rescue the stray dog from being taken away. My dogs are so sensitive and like the title of this post says, I'm pretty sure they want to build their own dog army.

What did this post have to do with writing? Absolutely nothing! Except that my lovely dogs always keep me company while I'm writing.


TODAY - I'm also on Angie Sandro's blog guest posting about what inspires me as an author and opening up about struggles that I never thought I'd speak about publicly:


Natalie Allan said...

Your dogs are adorable! Your Izzy sounds just like my Rosie (except she's a Springer). She hates anyone having a cuddle but her, she can't leave you alone to enjoy the quieter pursuits, and her barking for love and attention always makes people feel just a little bit, well, terrified. Hence, we don't usually get visitors either ;) Great post about your doggies! Here's a photo of mine, just so you can see what she's like:

E.B. Black said...

Awww, your doggy is adorable Natalie!

T.J. said...

*sigh* I miss rotties. Intead I have two Chis that think they are rotties LOL Both rescues, with issues we have almost overcome, I find I can't write unless I have one cuddled on my shoulders and the other snuggled close to my left hip. And a cat that turns out to be a fantastic editor LOL It's uncanny that he always steps on the keyboard and totally screws up a paragraph I need to take out.

Most don't understand, due to the media, that rotties and pitties are both people dogs. They are very much pack animals. Rotties are independent thinkers, but with good training, are some of the best family pets. My daughter grew up with rotties (due to the rescue I used to run) and she pops that hip out and give everyone a lecture about perception and the truth LOL!

Give those sweet faces a snuggle from a fellow rottie lover!

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