Friday, June 22, 2012

Ten Reasons Why Necromancers Are Awesome

I've told a few people that I've met outside of the internet that I like to write paranormal novels. Some of them have told me in response how much they love reading about vampires and werewolves, two types of paranormal novels that I've never written. When I talk about how one of my favorite things to write about is necromancers, they often have no idea what necromancers are or get bored by the idea. Necromancers are sorcerers who specialize in death magic. (Mine also practice life magic as well.) Here are a few reasons why they are awesome.

1. Vampires are strong. They suck blood. They have good hearing and are fast enough to kill a human before one of us blinks our eyes.

But do you know what vampires have no power over? Necromancers because necromancers are able to control, create, and destroy the dead.

Imagine someone being able to mind control and/or kill an army of vampires with just a wave of their wrists. I've never understood why the biggest enemy of vampires is usually werewolves, when necromancers would be more powerful against them.

2. Necromancers are real. They can't do all the things in real life that necromancers do in stories, but there are people out there who spend their time summoning ghosts and speaking to the dead. Whether you believe it's hokey or not is up to you, but many of them make a living off of helping people connect to dead loved ones. Seances are a real type of necromancy.

3. Necromancers are humans. With all the paranormal creatures out there, you'd think humans would be vulnerable. Not so. We have several types of powerful sorcerers on our side.

4. Necromancers talk to ghosts, which means they can help solve disputes over wills, find murderers, fulfill last wishes, and deliver messages. If policemen could employ a few of these in real life, a lot more of our crimes could be solved!

5. Immortality. You can't learn to control death without learning some tricks on how to avoid the act. Not only do necromancers have the potential to live forever, like vampires, but they could probably bottle immortality and sell it using the right ingredients.

6. Where other people see dead creatures and trash, necromancers see potential. They can raise anything from the dead and make a new creature out of it. They're inventors and creators. In some of my stories, they can even regenerate old, rotten food and make it as delicious as new. They recycle.

7. Necromancers are often the most powerful characters in stories because they can destroy a whole town by creating a plague and killing everyone. A quick death spell can shut up anyone who talks back. I'd hate to meet a necromancer terrorist. There would definitely be zombie bombs involved.

8. Zombie Apocalypse. All you need is one necromancer to either create or destroy an entire zombie apocalypse. Necromancers control entire armies of skeletons and zombies easily. No shotguns needed.

9. Necromancers are the center of the paranormal world, at least in my opinion. They are able to interact with ghosts, control vampires, kill werewolves with a spell, and create monsters. They'd be the best kind of bodyguard to have in a paranormal novel.

10. Necromancers are as pale as me. Well, they don't have to be, not like vampires, but I like the stereotype. They fit my appearance. (Pale skin, dark hair)


What are some of your favorite paranormal creatures and why?


Anonymously Yours said...

Good question :) Personally, I like were-animals (I am a sucker for animals LOL), so love a good necromancer, and old-school demons (not the ones known by Christians).

Lanette said...

Number 6 made me laugh. I love the idea of recycling, earth-conscience necromancers.

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Anonymous said...

Can a necromancer take the soul of a living person and give it to someone else?