Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fantasy/Sci-Fi ROMANCE Writer?

Many people, along with me, have heard about the fact that J.K. Rowling is writing a new book. The Harry Potter series is over, but many were hoping for a new fantasy series. What we are getting instead is a political drama for adults. It's not for kids, it's not based on whimsical daydreams. It's serious.

I plan on reading the book anyway. I trust Rowling; she's proven to be an amazing writer so far, but a lot of other people aren't going to join me. Now that she's wandered so far from her origins, it's turned quite a few people away.

It's because authors are more than just authors, they are brands. Brand names were created for consistency, so you know you will be receiving a certain type of product from them. If you shop at Food for Less you expect groceries. If you go to Barnes and Nobles you expect books. In the same way, when Stephen King writes a book, people expect horror and with Stephenie Meyer, there will be vampires. Not all the books they have written are on these topics, but most of them.

I need to be consistent as well. I can't write every genre that I know of except for mysteries. I have to pick and choose.

I love world building and I love writing romance, so fantasy/sci-fi romance is probably my genre. I feel kind of foolish. Fantasy/sci-fi romance is quite a mouthful and maybe I will have to narrow it down even more. It is something I am giving serious thought to because once I commit myself to a certain area, I need to keep inside of that space as much as possible.

I know there are a lot of authors who write in various different areas and I'm tempted to be like them. It sounds very freeing, but since I so far have been unable to find an agent for my books, I might be going the indie route and the more consistency I can provide the better.

Too bad "writing for women" couldn't be a genre. I'd definitely fit into that one.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Women's Literature (formerly known as Chick Lit) fall under that umbrella?

Honestly, I wouldn't stress it too much. Yes, we're brand names but don't feel the need to limit yourself. If you have the concept for a great book, regardless of the genre, and can write, DO IT. Hell, that's what pseudonyms are for ;)

Also, I think it depends on what your primary feel of the book is. It maybe fantasy/sci-fi because of the setting and romance because of the plot. I'd say weigh it and if the scale leans more heavily toward 'romance', then market it as romance. Besides, who knows? Maybe you'll invent a new genre :D

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