Monday, April 9, 2012

Meet Sherri A. Dub

Our first guest blog! I'm very excited and glad to have her here.

Sherri A. Dub writes paranormal romance like I do and wanted to guest blog in celebration of her newest release. If anyone else reading this is interested in doing something similar, then please either comment about it in this blog post and leave me your e-mail address or contact me on twitter @writerblack.

Here's her post...


Thank you for inviting me to your blog to share my writing news and personal insights.

First, my name is: Sherri A. Dub~My website is:  I am a PRO-member of RWA and FF&P writing groups.  I love to go to book signings, writing conferences and Disneyland.

I write Paranormal Romances with three under my belt and published.  They are all available on Ebooks, from the various outlets.

I'll list the titles and a brief introduction to each story, then chat about my newest release and next project.

By the time this article is posted, I'll be relocated from Nevada to Hawaii, with my Hubs and our Siamese cat.
With that said, Aloha!

GODDESS COTTAGE was published on April 21, 2011

.99 cents

When I wrote this book, I wanted to incorporate a lot of personal things that have shaped my own life.  From childhood memories, to my wonderful bald husband, and my life of 16 years in a small town in Alaska.  I did just that.  It all came together for me in this first published work.  And, it is my pride and joy of accomplishments, outside of my USAF son and two grandsons.

*The story is about a 29 yr. old woman named Sierra Kastian, who is floundering in a life her mother has designed for her.  She doesn't know of any other living relatives, she's been told her father died when she was young, and she has only one confident since grade school that she can trust.  He's also her business partner, and gay best friend, Mitch Favor.

Together, they own a small coffee & pastry shop in Silver Dust, Nevada.

Sierra is constantly fighting to keep her life afloat, her mother from being thrown in jail for using psychic powers to acquire jackpots in various casinos and her own "special talents" a secret from the world.

When a handsome stranger enters her cafe, he brings her a summons from an estranged aunt in Hailey, Alaska. 

Sierra's life is turned upside down, with the acceptance of a large manilla envelope.

She's encouraged by her best friend to go to Alaska, and to find out what her aunt wants from her.

When Sierra accepts the challange, she discovers that Hailey was her birthplace.  Her aunt, Donella Ivory is an enchanting woman, who claims that Sierra is the last in a line of Ivory witches that must take her place at Goddess Cottage if the future of many races is to survive.

But, the kicker is, the handsome stranger known as Hayden Wells, is also her betrothed.  And, the leader of a pack of werewolves.  Not to mention, he's bald and loves to fly fish.

While adjusting to her new life in Hailey, Sierra must also fight off a female werewolf who has her teeth set on mating for life with Hayden.

If Goddess Cottage is to prosper and protect the future generations of enchanted creatures in its midst, Sierra must conquer her fears and become the greatest Ivory witch that ever lived.

THE WITCH BALL was published on July 23, 2011

.99 cents

My second book is also very dear to me.  I grew up with antique hunting parents in the California foothills, and on the cobble stone streets of Old Sacramento.  I love 'old' things, but I truly feel they are connected to their original owners, for life.  In this way, I wanted to create a ghost story, that was haunting, but also historically connected to the romantic theme and the characters.  And, the actual witch ball on the cover of the book, is in my possession, purchased from a shop in Salem.

*In my story, Charlie Chase is a young woman who loves and respects antiques.  She's known as a 'picker'~ one who buys, researches and re-sells old items for a living.

One day she finds a trunk, connected to the Donner Party, at an estate sale of an old woman in Placerville.  Inside, there is a strange glass globe and a few other creepy items.  Her interest is piqued, to say the least.

Due to a winter storm, Charlie must hole up in a cabin with a hunky landlord, who appears to be on the lamb.

Together, the two of them become entangled in the mystery of the glass globe (The Witch Ball) and the historical account of how it was used to trap the souls of a young mother and her only child, by a very wicked man.

If Charlie and her new partner, Sam West can't break the spell from the past, they may become the ball's next victims.

My latest release will be out this week. 


$1.99 on Ebooks

*I have a BA of Anthropology from the University of Alaska, so I really wanted to incorporate some of my actual knowledge and field expirience into a book.  Hence, my new release.  Personally, I have a great love for the Tlingit tribe and know many of the natives from the Klukwan Village in SE Alaska.  I spent 6 weeks in the field, conducting research work with my first Professor on the Kenai Peninsula, so I know how diverse and important the mythology and cultures of these people are, first hand.  When I wrote this book, I wanted it to remain true to the romance genre, with the paranormal aspects stemming from Tlingit mythology.  

However, I did take many liberties with the original stories and altered them to my own perspective.
THRESHOLD OF BONES is about a female Anthropologist, Dr. Liv Brayden from UW, who is on the cusp of her wedding, when her fiance bails.  He chooses his geology career and a volcano over her, and she's left cancelling the entire fiasco, while he climbs his way up the academic ladder of success. 

At the same time, she's fighting for tenure at her college.  When she arrives for work, a second dilema confronts her before her morning tea can settle.  The dean of the college asks for a personal meeting, and fills her in on a private scandal.

Her department Professor is missing in the field.  The mentor she adores, had gone to Alaska to collect plant life for a medicinal research company, and failed to report in for over thirty days.  The State Troopers have reported that Prof. Ellis Cray is officially, a missing person.  The company that backed his adventure have invested a large sum of money, too large for the University to repay.

Thinking it would boost her frail complex and low self-esteem, she offers to go to Alaska to retrieve the samples and her Professor.  After all, her ex-fiance isn't the only one capable of adventuring his way to the top.

When Liv arrives, she's forced to share the hospitality cabin in a Tlingit village with the resident dentist.

He's known as Doc, but his name is Harper Tripp.  He's from Idaho, dons a cloak to role-play with his younger patients and is the biggest geek Liv's ever met.

Naturally, they develop the hots for eachother.

Together, the two of them try to unravel the clues to find her missing Professor and to solve a cultural fiasco that has engulfed the Chilkat Village.

Can they decipher the truth of the paranormal claims that a prehistoric culture's placed their beliefs in, before the Professor's life is taken to appease an ancient Yaki Spirit?  Or, will Dr. Liv Brayden simply collect the plants needed to satsify the college contract with the research company, and secure her tenure, leaving her mentor's life in the hands of fate?

I love writing and reading, but research is my favorite occupation.  I believe it is what makes me want to create my own stories.

My next project is to delve into the Young Adult realm of Steampunk.  I have a trilogy in mind, most of it has been fleshed out already, and I'm going to spend the rest of the year writing it. 

I published 3 Para/Rom's in less than 12 months, so I really want to take my time with this next project, so that I can refuel myself.

Also, I will be putting GODDESS COTTAGE into print by summer, so I am beyond thrilled about that. 

Please feel free to friend me on Goodreads, like my facebook page or join me on twitter.  I can be reached under the name of: Sheropata~ on all those outlets.

Connecting with readers and other authors, is what makes this career such a wonderful choice for me.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know.  On my website, there is a (Contact Me) form that I use to conduct monthly giveaway contests.  I do not forward or spam anyone.  I only use the form to reward. 

In closing, I'd like to thank my new pal, E. B. Black for hosting me on her website.


And thank you as well, Sherri!


Lexy Stewart said...

Thank you for sharing your love of writing. Your books are so different from each other (I've read both Goddess Cottage and The Witch Ball) and yet there is the common thread of adventure and romance that I love to read about. Keep writing and make sure to let us know when you have the Steampunk trilogy you alluded to out.

Sherri A. Dub said...

Thank you for stopping by, Lexy. As a surprise, one visitor will be the winner of my latest release: THRESHOLD OF BONES.
Good luck!

Jemi Fraser said...

These sound intriguing! Thanks for the tips :)

Sherri A. Dub said...

You are very welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

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