Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Mother Makes Me Laugh

I wish I could write a character who thinks like my mother. The problem is, I've known her almost 26 years (as of next month) and still don't fully understand how she thinks. She's always saying things that surprise me.

Last year, my cat, who was my first pet ever and beloved by my entire family died when we took her to the pet groomers. (She died of cardiac arrest because she was too frightened.) And my Mom has missed her ever since.

I have two dogs. Both of them are part rottweilers, a boy and a girl. The boy dog is also part lab and the girl is part pitbull. When my house burned down and my parents let us move in temporarily with them, we brought the two dogs with and at first she hated it. She's always insisted that the house was too small for a large dog to live in and now she was stuck with two!

So she used to pet the dogs and tell them,"If only you were a cat."

Izzy, the girl dog, has breathing problems or at least I assume she does because she wheezes all the time. My mother was petting her, while she was wheezing, and said,"Look, ever since I told Izzy to become a cat, she's started to purr."

It makes me laugh and smile whenever I think about it.

1 comment:

Keisha Azzalea said...

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